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Explore our range of coding and non-coding experiential learning programs:

Data Analytics Fast Track

Unlock business insights with this track. Learn to collect, analyse and interpret data for strategic decision-making.

Scrum Master Track

Lead agile teams to success with. Learn to manage projects, facilitate sprints, and drive continuous improvement.

Business Analysis Track

Master the skills of business analysis and drive organizational success with our expert-led Business Analysis Track.

Data Science & AI Track

Master Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Learn machine learning, big data and predictive modelling.

Agile Product Ownership Track

Bring your product vision to life, our expert-led track designed to enhance your skills in Agile product management.

Extended Reality XR Track

Explore the future with XR. Learn to create immersive experiences with augmented, virtual & mixed reality.

Learning must not always be in the classroom

With our programs, you’ll have the opportunity to experience tech first-hand. From internship with cutting-edge tech companies to hands-on projects that simulate real-world scenarios, our programs are designed to give you a taste of what it’s really like to work in the tech industry. You’ll learn from experienced professionals who will share their insights and knowledge and you’ll have the chance to network with other aspiring tech professionals.

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